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    Employee Engagement Program and integrated communication campaign


    Energy&Utilities transportation

Saving energy for the future of everyone.

An integrated campaign to change our habits, starting from the people of Snam and then getting everyone involved in saving energy, for ourselves and for the planet.

Snam has always cared about energy and knows it is more precious than ever, in this historical moment. They started in 2022 a wide-ranging plan with the aim of optimizing their environmental impact as a company. As a part of this path towards a more sustainable future, Snam decided to promote an awareness campaign to motivate and support people in saving energy, especially gas, during the winter months (a critical period for the management of the entire network, in which there is an increase in energy demand).

Our ambition from the beginning was to do something big. We wanted to do more than just talking about saving energy, we wanted to actually to generate a great positive impact on the planet, by helping people change their mindset and habits. Starting from the people of Snam and making them the first drivers of change, to then reach and engage the widest possible audience.

We started by finding the tension that everyone lives: when faced with a complex problem, we feel helpless and overwhelmed by the task. We decided to fight this feeling, by making everyone acknowledge that we are all in this together (individuals and communities, brands and customers) and that the most ambitious goals are reached with the sum of many small actions. You just have to take the first step, and then another one, and then another one: with a lot of small actions, day after day, each one of us can be a driver of transformation. This is why we decided to focus on the small gestures that are available to everyone. Everyone is called to do his part. And thus create a large impact.

To begin with, we engaged the internal audience by creating a dedicated Employee Engagement Program based on the values and the game changer attitude of the brand. We spread our messages across the company physically and digitally: we created posters, stickers placed in every relevant location, screens, DEM, news and content on the intranet.But it wasn’t enough. We wanted to do more. And we wanted to do it now.

So, our ambition grew and we widened the project scope. We brought it to the external audience showing the importance of small gestures with a campaign on national press, online adv and social networks. Our goal was to make the concept concrete, visualizing the small gestures and telling in many ways (with posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, but also short videos with an ironic tone of voice shared on TikTok) how each one of us can change their behavior to be more aware and responsible. This is how, from an internal communication project, we created an integrated campaign that reached millions of people, delivering on the brand purpose “Energy to inspire the world”.

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