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    Loro Piana





The first website without labels

Creating a digital experience without labels for a capsule collection without gender.

The end-to-end creation of an innovative experience dedicated to Loro Piana's new genderless Capsule Collection, in collaboration with Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, had to combine the distinctive elegance of Loro Piana with the neutral streetwear style of Fujiwara.

The whole creation process was guided by one ambition: to reflect the genderless concept of the capsule collection in all the aspects of the digital experience. We eliminated the navigation labels and we united the lookbook and the product pages, to let the user explore and feel the collection following their instinct and their inspiration.

And we didn't stop there. Our UI concept revolutionizes the rules of navigation by inserting an analog cursor that allows to discover the products, the brand and the designer in a natural and intuitive way. The art direction is aimed at expressing all the power of Loro Piana’s and Fujiwara’s universe blended together: blue sky, refinement and attention to details represent Loro Piana’s soul, contrasting with the black sea that recalls Fujiwara’s personality.

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