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The revolution in the world of investments.

Ideating, designing and launching an app to simplify investments for good.

While today new generations feel ever more distant from the world of finance and investments, Azimut, the most important Italian asset management company, decided to do something to engage Millennials. But Generation Y is not like others generations, they are not driven by just profit: beyond profit they care about values. And today more than ever, they choose brands that stand for those values and act for a more sustainable future.

So Beewise was born. A simple and innovative investment app designed to allow everyone, even the most inexperienced, to invest and reach their goals, while also taking care of the planet through purpose-driven investments.

“Investing for the future of the planet” is not just a nice add-on: it is conceptually and concretely at the very core of the service, which offers 5 thematic portfolios (Technology, Smart Cities, Future Generations, Environment, Breakthrough Healthcare) and allows you to donate 1% for reforestation thanks to the collaboration with WeForest.

The uniqueness and the success of the Beewise case lies in the way agency and client worked together from day zero. In fact, we did not just realize the UX and UI of the app: we worked with the Azimut team from the very beginning, to ideate an innovative product, with its unique purpose, and then build a whole new brand around this concept.

We took care of every aspect of the project, from the strategy to the naming and the brand identity, from the launch campaign to the social media strategy.

The campaign is an online riot against the traditional financial system, a call to be part of the change. We launched it with a video where a great revolutionary leader is speaking, a leader who has kept us in suspense for years as we watched him in the most famous TV series in the world. The video instantly went viral.

The video generated curiosity and raised the hype, opening the path to the integrated campaign: a multi-subject digital adv which invited the target to rebel against the clichés of the finance world and a PR campaign involving some of the most important Influencers on the Italian scene who explained the functioning of the app.

All of this, with a unique visual identity, capable of transmitting the brand personality in a distinctive way across all touchpoints, including social media. On Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, we developed a long term content strategy to not only entertain and engage users, but also to help them better understand the basics of finance in an easy and fresh way.

Beewise – available on App Store and Google Play for the Italian market, and soon to be released throughout Europe – well illustrates our ability to ideate, shape and deliver a holistic project, from product conception to communication launch, passing through strategy, creativity, design and end-to-end development.

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