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A digital workplace to nurture the energy of people

How we leveraged design thinking and an agile approach to empower the people of Snam.

Snam is one of the largest energy infrastructure companies on the planet. They are experts in distributing energy across the world. But there is another flow of energy that makes the difference for a company like Snam: the energy of people. They needed a new tool to nurture it by connecting their employees and improving their daily life, while also fostering a new mindset and strengthening their sense of belonging. Redesigning the intranet with an employee centric approach and motivating people in adopting an innovative tool and a new mindset, within tight deadlines. Not so easy, despite the intranet name.

We took up the challenge with the ambition to create a digital workplace that is a daily source of energy, integrated, customizable and accessible from anywhere. A tailor-made experience based on people’s needs.

This is how the new Easy was born: a digital environment that embraces inclusive design and sustainability principles, characterized by a friendly and intuitive user experience and a highly customizable individual profile and dashboard. A tool that reflects the cultural transformation of the company towards a more employee centric approach.

In a first discovery phase we involved 80 employees in co-design workshops to explore their needs. We identified the most useful features for their work and developed a powerful technology core – Microsoft 365 based – that integrated 6 different systems. We designed the Easy intranet to be flexible and customizable by the user, very easy to use and able to integrate the many applications used in Snam.

Our teams have worked with a hybrid methodology, mixing Design Thinking with an Agile approach, always with the aim of driving transformation effectively: thanks to this strategy, we managed to bring to life the basic version of the intranet in a few months, soon followed the final version.

To launch the new tool, we leveraged our expertise in brand experience, communication, and employee engagement, creating a massive internal communication campaign: teasers, videos, surveys, streaming launches, video tutorials and webinars that allowed people to feel onboarded from the very first day.

The new Easy turned out to be a great success from many points of view: it perfectly answers the new needs of remote working, facilitating communication and sharing across the whole company, and it has been awarded the Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual Award 2021, which identifies the top 10 corporate intranets on a global scale.

  • 1 Nielsen Norman BEST INTRANET AWARD 2021
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