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Follow the Giro d’Italia from your couch

Turning the most famous Italian bicycle race into an immersive online experience.

The Giro d'Italia is an ever special sporting event, shaping the cycling world since we can remember. Many are the people who would love to participate in it, but, of course, aren't able to do so. For that, we felt the necessity to give birth to a digital experience, capable of re-creating the sensation of being present at the Giro d'Italia, live via mobile, desktop and app, and allow people to fully experience the atmosphere of the race.

We created a digital ecosystem to let the Giro d’Italia lovers live all the event phases in real time. To do so, not only did we redesign and develop a fully responsive website, but we also created a whole new mobile app, adding a section called “live session”.

The user feels totally immersed in the race, from the start to the finish line: they can follow each team, km after km, ride after ride, and get access to all the daily videos in one tap, to live the race in every detail as if they really were there.

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