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Helping women to fight an unknown enemy.

An integrated campaign to counter misinformation about endometriosis.

Saugella has always been at the side of all women and its mission is to make them feel protected, especially in their intimacy. This is why we have decided to turn the spotlight on a disease that, despite affecting 150 million women worldwide, is still barely known: endometriosis.

We wanted to give a voice and a face to all women who suffer from it, often in silence, with the aim of contributing a new definition to the disease.So, we decided to take the first step and "call it by its name”: through the voice of content creator Erika Fratolillo and four other women who have had the courage to tell their experience without taboos.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Italian Endometriosis Foundation, Saugella launched a limited edition dedicated to women suffering from endometriosis and made available online examinations and consultations. With a content strategy on all digital channels, we also helped women find the answers they were looking for and we encouraged them to share their stories.

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