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The showroom experience goes virtual

Leveraging the power of immersive virtual spaces to let people dive into Molteni’s world.

Molteni&C|Dada is an interior design master in the made in Italy sector. For 80 years the company has been revolutionizing the concept of space, making quality its true obsession. In 2020 Molteni launched their new collection and was hungry to showcase it, letting its public (architects, interior designers and final customers) feel and appreciate the quality of it 2020 novelties. Though, due to the lockdown, at that time a physical experience was not an option.

Of course, this little snag didn’t stop us. Maybe we couldn’t bring the people to Molteni, but we could bring Molteni to the people. And so, we did it. We created a 360° virtual tour that let the user enter into the brand's world, accompanied by soundtracks with 8D effect truly to give a sense of immersion and physicality of the space.

Through quite simple 3D navigation interface, the visitor is able to freely explore the different rooms, move among the furnishings and discover the premium quality of the design, the attention to materials, the history and details of each product through the words of the designers who created it. Satisfied with the result, the project was also carried out in the following years, 2021 and 2022.

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