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A new era of vacuuming

Repositioning Folletto as the true leader of its category.

In the last few years, Folletto (the premium vacuum-cleaner brand also known as Kobold outside Italy) had lost ground in the market due to the arrival of very active competitors who use a product-centric language and a futuristic storytelling. The brand needed to recover its leadership. To reach this goal, we built a strategy working on three different levels: brand repositioning, new product launch and repositioning of the advisor role, synergically distributing messages across all the touchpoints.

First of all, we created a new copy strategy and a TVC to reaffirm the superiority of the brand over all competitors and the unprecedented perfection of the results you can achieve with the new Folletto VK7s. We decided to say it loud and clear, with a memorable statement.

So we created the line: “C’è chi aspira alla perfezione, e chi la crea” (meaning “There are those who aspire to perfection, and those who create it”, playing in Italian with the verb “to aspire” which also means “to vacuum”), accompanied by a product USP that well supports the leadership, "Folletto VK7s, wireless, more powerful than ever”. Perfection and power: these two values were put at the core of the creative execution, a hyperbolic storytelling where the Folletto VK7s creates surprising and totally unexpected results.

We created three TV commercials, in which the vacuum-cleaner Folletto VK7s has surprising effects not only for the family who uses it, but also for their neighbors: its suction power overcomes even walls and floors, pulling, moving and recombining in unexpected ways objects that are in the adjacent houses. The campaign included as well an integrated digital campaign, a radio commercial, a social and influencer strategy and six different landing pages aimed at target audiences with specific interests.

We also launched a special PR operation: we selected the most relevant influencers and we surprised them, sending them a special mistery box with several jars of actual dust and dirt. We invited them to turn their house upside down and soil it without worrying about the consequences: the new Folletto VK7s would then clean up anything, without effort.
The audience appreciated the campaign, and the advisors really embraced it and loved how it helped them break the ice with prospects and strengthen the bond with loyal customers.

  • +20% SALES
  • +18% AGENTS
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