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Colmar 100th Anniversary Website, a digital time machine

A journey through time

For Colmar's 100th anniversary, Bitmama told the story of the historic brand originating in Monza through an exciting physical and digital experience, accompanying users along the trajectories of time in fashion, sport, innovation, and sustainability.

The ambition was to create a real-time machine that leads people on a circular journey through dimensions of time, developing an immersive experience on the website, designed by intertwining Colmar's different souls. And this was the result: corporate.colmar

This is how Bitmama created an ecosystem capable of emphasizing new collections, such as the innovative Anniversary Capsule Collection by Joshua Vides, while enhancing the iconic products that made the history of the brand with an amazing story, by optimizing images from the historical archive of Colmar through generative AI, and 3D CGI models.

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