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10 million - the number of women who have been victims of violence in Italy.

A data-driven campaign to bring this number to zero.

Despite the all too many cases in the news recently, there are still those who think incidents of gender violence are isolated cases. The numbers, however, give us the truth: violence is a systemic phenomenon and one in three women is a victim of it.

The tendency is to downplay data like this because they are often not associated with concrete numbers. This is why together with Saugella, a leading intimate wellness brand, and Di.re, we have decided to get straight to the point by turning these numbers into a data-driven campaign.

To do so, we gave an immediate representation of the 1-in-3 ratio, to give a very practical understanding of what those numbers look like.

They counted the number of women residing in some of the most well-known neighbourhoods in three major Italian cities.Then, the 1 in 3 ratio was applied, demonstrating with 14 different digital billboards to everyone how many women near us are likely to be victims of violence. We also offered concrete support by directing people to their nearest anti-violence centre through a geolocated banner campaign.

Even the brand's most iconic product was transformed into the campaign's message of condemnation, becoming the focus of a limited edition three-pack, instead of being sold individually, to embody the 1-in-3 ratio with one red and two white bottles. Finally, a social media content strategy was created to raise awareness and highlight the urgency of the issue. And to reinforce its commitment towards the issue of violence against women, Saugella supported D.i.Re with a donation of 18 independent contributions. Because together, we can bring this number to zero.

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