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A girl's personality can be any colour.

An integrated campaign to make them express every shade of it.

Gender equality in Italy is still a fairly distant goal, with inequalities and stereotypes that affects girls from a very young age. Together with Saugella, we are by the side of every little girl to let her express her personality in whatever way she wants.

We aimed to give girls the chance to show their personalities to the world, free of any sterotypes.In collaboration with an illustrator, we created a product literally without labels, giving up the classic pink of the packaging and leaving the girls free to customize the new sketches with the colors and the stickers that best represent them.

We launched the operation with a social content strategy targeted at mums, so they can be the first ones to inspirate their daughters, and we supported a charity operation in cooperation with Fondazione Rava by promoting a contest to win a special drawing book: “Guide for Rebellious Girls. Conquering the world we want”.

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