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Meet Rose, our first digital human

How we brought to life a digital human and made her the hero of a global live event.

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta, the metaverse has become a buzzword: everyone is hastening to give their own definition. For its annual Xchange, a global event in which the company showcases all the new technologies and the most meaningful digital experiences they are working on, Reply Group wanted to do something more than just telling their vision around the Metaverse. Consistently with their purpose, Reply wanted to make it happen.

The ambition was to go beyond expectations and suprise the most demanding audience: tech experts from all over the world.
So we decided to bring to life Rose: a metahuman who embodies the attitude and the spirit of all Replyers. She is passionate about technology, curious, witty and, of course, she is a Metaverse expert, eager for chatting with humans and answering to all their questions.
During the Xchange event, Reply’s CFO Filippo Rizzante launched from the stage the first live video call to the Metaverse.

On the other side Rose answered and started chatting with him, in a very natural and human way. This was possible thanks to a HyperSense suit worn by an actress, which made Rose definitely human in all her gestures and expressions. Then, thanks to another Reply technology that allows real time volumetric rendering, we reversed the roles “teleporting” a human in the same space of the Metaverse.
But Rose is much more than a show-off idea: she leverages the power of generative AI to improve day after day, becoming the perfect example of what is currently possible and how this new generation of digital assistants can be used by organisations.

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