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Don’t make it one day, make it day one.

How we evolved the brand identity of Reply Group, from the tagline to the visual identity and, of course, the website.

In a competitive arena where everyone talks a lot about vision, Reply Group has always focused more on making things happen. It was time to raise awareness on this distinctive attitude to strengthen the company positioning.

We took up the challenge, with one big ambition in mind: to distill Reply’s soul and uniqueness and make them stand out like never before, with a sharp and bold brand positioning and new identity. Our work culminated in the creation of the new Group tagline: “make forward”. It’s more than a signature: in two words, it condenses the Replyers' attitude, the brand promise, the distinctive take the company has on innovation. Because thinking forward is simply not enough.

We updated the brand visual identity. We chose brighter colors, emphasizing the digital DNA of the company and a scalable font with a bold personality. To have a distinctive photography style, we created 3 metahuman characters to represent Replyers and immersed them in an imaginative and inspiring technological universe. We created a brand new corporate website, with a new UX, UI and content strategy. Finally, we wrapped up the whole strategy in a new powerful, inspiring brand manifesto.

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