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Liberal thoughts, contemporary conversations

How we made it possible for everyone to speak with Luigi Einaudi as a digital human using AI, Machine Learning, and 3D modeling.

Luigi Einaudi was an Italian economist and statesman, one of the most important figures of the 20th century: his writings, preserved in the archives of the Einaudi Foundation, represent a precious resource. They offer a fundamental understanding of liberalism and an interpretation of economic phenomena that are still relevant today. However, the value of this heritage cannot be easily transmitted to a broad audience, especially newer generations.

So, how could we transform it into a contemporary and more accessible experience?

Together with the Luigi Einaudi Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, we developed the project “Liberal Thoughts, Contemporary conversations.” This platform allows anyone to chat with Luigi Einaudi, a digital human, about economic and financial topics.

We wanted the experience to be simple, natural and engaging for everyone, just like a conversation. We teamed up with a multidisciplinary task force of experts in 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, and large language models. The 3D experts studied Einaudi's facial expressions and completely reconstructed his appearance. At the same time, the machine learning team, together with our creatives and strategists, used the Reply proprietary framework to train artificial intelligence on the corpus of writings, enabling the digital human to engage in a fluid conversation guided by user questions and consistently provide responses aligned with Luigi Einaudi's original thoughts.

We launched the experience with an integrated campaign to engage the broadest possible audience and show everyone how Luigi Einaudi's thinking is still relevant today. We leveraged some of his most famous quotes, using them as headlines for a print campaign in the national newspapers and a series of online videos and content for the leading digital channels.

Ultimately, starting from the need to digitalize the Foundation’s vast and valuable heritage, we reached an even more significant result: overcoming physical and generational barriers and making it engaging and accessible by overcoming physical and generational barriers.

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