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Bitmama Reply signs the new campaign for Beewise, the brand that makes investing accessible to Millennials and Gen Z.

Since its inception, Beewise has communicated with a clear goal: to encourage even those who are convinced they lack sufficient money and knowledge to take charge of their financial future through sustainable and purpose-driven investments.

For 2024, the brand's strategy takes a step forward, emphasizing the value of time. TIME IS THE NEW MONEY is the title of the campaign that aims to convince more young people to invest. The campaign starts with a very simple insight: once you start your first investment, time takes on a whole new value. To the point that even when you waste time, you are making it pay off.

Beewise's approach takes the form of a simple idea approached from an unconventional point of view, a serious message expressed in irreverent language. The result is a highly contemporary multi-subject, showing young people engaged in seemingly nonsensical things. But the copy turns the message around, “Invest your time the way you want, we'll take care of your investments anyway.”

The language moves away from finance paradigms and taps into the trends most valued by Millennials and Gen Z. Everything is calibrated to speak to young people: the photography evokes the typical analog treatment, with the use of flash and saturated colors, the settings range from urban to nostalgic, the situations are ironic and give a nod to fashion.

The campaign will be on air throughout 2024 with OOH billboards in major Italian cities, a multi-subject video created ad hoc for major on-demand platforms, and both static and dynamic digital content.

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