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Turning the Chiquita banana into a work of art

Celebrating an icon with an iconic artist

The client asked us to expand the reach of its communication platform, explore new territories and create conditions for the brand to go beyond the usual popularity of its product. The request was to spread the brand’s feel-good philosophy and integrate its renowned physical and sensorial benefits with its psychological and emotional ones.

The challenge for this campaign was to consolidate and expand the potential of the feel-good brand philosophy in the most memorable and visually impactful way. Leveraging the emotional brand values to go beyond the sensory benefits of a healthy, sweet and globally consumed product, the campaign aimed to make it the expression of a genuine love brand.

The idea was developed to leverage the product’s iconicity and peculiar, colourful, playful, and pop tone of voice to create a unique and recognisable imaginary universe for the brand by associating it with the art world. Nature provided all its characteristics, hence the claim “Pop by Nature.”

To shape our concept, we asked the most playful and colourful global artist to be a part of the project, Romero Britto. We asked him to create a unique piece of art that best expressed the “pop nature” of the Chiquita banana.

The artwork appeared in various touchpoints worldwide: iconic OOHs, social media, bus stops, and even more exclusive ones. We used subway domination in Milan to turn the space into an actual museum of pop, along with a dedicated kiosk in the city centre and the complete outfitting of a tram shelter that allowed passers-by to have a free limited edition replicate poster Romero Britto’s artwork.

A house for Chiquita’s pop nature

The special initiatives set in Milan served as a launch for the grand closing activity of the campaign, which was a part of the 2024 Milano Design Week, where we created an exclusive immersive space in the Brera district for the brand, the Chiquita House. A " home" for the brand within which a variety of thematic immersive rooms allowed the public to personally enter and experience, for the first time, the pop world of Chiquita bananas.

When it’s pop, it’s everywhere.

To launch the campaign, we created a CGI video that was shared on Chiquita’s social profiles. The content explored the various hyperbolic ways in which Romero Britto’s Chiquita banana could appear all over the world, just like a pop icon. In fact, the main feature of pop is its ability to be everywhere and reach everyone.

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