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A deep dive into the company’s life

Creating a digital ecosystem to share corporate culture, content and operational tools.

80,000 people from over 100 nationalities work around the world on complex infrastructure for sustainable mobility, hydropower, water, and green buildings. From headquarters to country offices to construction sites, they have a vital need to share values, best practices, news, initiatives and useful tools for their work.

The company wanted to help their people feel part of a single, like-minded and purpose driven community, improving their integration and sense of belonging and simplifying their daily life at work. Our solution: a new intranet, @work, and an app, Webuilders, all designed with one purpose: to include everyone in the company’s life and create a consistent digital ecosystem where people are able to express their talents and find answers to their needs.

We fully designed both the intranet and the app, starting from the UX and UI, to the entire content strategy, design, and all aspects of content production, as well as communication campaigns to encourage adoption.

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