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​​Digital He​althcare.​​

The world of healthcare services has always been a world of offline relationships, but now it is opening up to new consumer habits and going online.

Unisalute, Unipol Group, Italian leader in the provision of modular health services, has stayed ahead of the game in this transformation. And we have told the world about it with a comprehensive communication project.

Responsive Web Design.​

We started with a RWD for the site: achieving full fruition from all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is the first step for multilevel communication.

“Responsive design” means compatibility with different devices, but above all accessibility for any kind of user. In our case, creating an online purchase flow, this aspect is particularly significant.

Mobile First.​

For this reason we chose a “mobile first” approach, as we believe that essentiality is the key to usability. “Less is more”. Hence we opted for a simple, fresh graphic style, in keeping with the branding specifically created for the launch of the site.

In technical terms, we had to integrate with the existing platform, making friends with Oracle Web Center Sites, in order to provide continuity with the existing infrastructures and minimize the organization’s learning time.

A Comprehensive Media Plan​

To complete the “multichannel” approach, we also designed the communication campaign, designed to intercept a wide, varied target audience. Hence, the presence in traditional media: press, posters and radio.

For UniSalute’s on-air debut, some 20” mini TV spots were broadcast on the main national networks, in the format of reports/interviews, set in the Centre/North-East of Italy and colored with local accents from Lombardy, Veneto, Etruria, Emilia.
“When you have UniSalute, you have everything you need” is the headline guiding the whole operation: simple and direct, it includes a strong promise and conveys the brand’s identity.


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