The Millennials

Tic Tac talks about life according to the Millennials

"The Millennials" is a publishing operation designed by Bitmama for Tic Tac within the annual social communication plan, with the aim of engaging the 20-35 target with entertainment content, working on brand awareness and its hero product: the classic pills.

Four characters one generation

We have transformed Tic Tac candies into real characters, each with its own character and peculiarities which represent the attitudes, insights and trends of our target: Moustac, the hipster who plays the banjo; Top, the multitasking PR; Tec, the tech buff and Hastag, the young aspiring fashion blogger. Starting from the characteristics that distinguish the four characters, The Millennials stages the way in which this generation lives their passions (cinema, travel, music...) and events (from cyber Monday to Christmas, from Valentine's Day to the final of the most followed talent show) with short content designed specifically for digital channels.

Content strategy: from videos to stickers

The campaign has included the production of videos, posts dedicated to the occasions, galleries dedicated to the individual characters, stickers to be used in the comments, and the users have immediately rewarded this native approach: since the first published posts they have started to comment and tag the friends, recognizing them in the characters or identifying themselves. An approach to communication that aims to offer content to users by entering their flow, talking about their interests and their lives, but above all, speaking the language they love, thus creating a connection with the brand that can last over time.


Facebook reach - 8 million
Facebook interactions - 60.000
Preroll video online – impressions 14,5 million
Preroll video online – views 8,5 million

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