Become a Napisan Star

Napisan, a pioneer of mass-reach campaigns on Facebook, is back on social media with a new campaign in which the leading roles are played by the young fans selected through the “Become a Napisan Star” initiative. This 100% native digital campaign is the fruit of a casting campaign on social media that brought in over 14K applications, leading to a multi-subject series of 6 vertical videos, conceived with a “mobile first” approach, to target millennial mums and get their thumbs to stop as they scroll through Facebook.

Napisan's protection

The objective of the campaign is to boost brand insight, so as to confirm its image as the golden standard for hygiene. The focus is on new, modern hygiene needs: lifestyles change, the world is more connected and open and, as people travel more, so do germs and bacteria. Napisan's message is thus an invitation to be more aware and, at the same time, also positive and open: you can safely explore this changing world, thanks to the sanitizing power that Napisan provides.

The message

The campaign's tagline conveys the reason why it is necessary to add an antibacterial additive to your everyday laundry: "If you cannot see a reason to use it, it is because there are millions". But these "millions of reasons" are not only about a fear of infection from germs and bacteria, but, on a deeper level, the potential of the dreams and plans for the future that every little child has, which need to be defended. This is why Napisan protects dreams and reassures mothers and children.

The campaign

The campaign is organized into three flights that explore six situations in which it is appropriate to suggest the use of a sanitizer, corresponding to six formative experiences for little ones: pets and sports activities in the early summer, traveling and the seaside in the summer vacation season, and then going back to school on public transport and the prevention of seasonal ailments in September.

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