Meet&Greet with Benji&Fede becomes a story to tell.

The social media diary of a dream

A meeting with the new Generation Z idols is the prize in Labello’s latest contest, and it will be turned into real-time storytelling thanks to Bitmama’s contribution. The social media diary of the event makes good use of today’s most popular tool, Instagram Stories, to turn the winners into ambassadors for the brand.

Real Time Engagement

The participants’ emotions are conveyed through visual metaphors borrowed from the language of stickers, to engage the two artists’ many fans in real time and, through social media, let them fulfill their dream of meeting them.

With this campaign, Labello once more shows its affection and attention towards the younger generation, reaffirming its identity as a cult brand with a light, dynamic tone of voice.

The Labello contest

A meet-and-greet is the prize to be won in the contest “Say it with Labello”, dedicated to the limited-edition collection: 5 love messages printed on the stick’s blue cap. With the purchase of two items, users can win tickets for front-row seats at the concert and the eagerly awaited chance to meet the singers.

The video story of the event

The story continues on Facebook and Instagram with a video of the event. The short movie follows the latest trend on social media, and the stickers become a visual metaphor of the emotions the girls feel when they meet the two artists.

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