Tale of brand

Explore the world of Coccinelle

A fully-integrated e-commerce system with a multitude of digital options to guide the user with elegance and creativity.

Coccinelle: more than just e-tail

Designed for multi-device access from mobile, tablet or desktop computer, the new Coccinelle website allows you to dive right into the Coccinelle world.

Easy to surf, and designed to provide direct access to the various spellbinding sections, the new website stylishly combines shopping and experiential content: from advertising campaigns to special projects, from bag and accessory collections to all the latest news from the brand.

A window on the world

The fully-responsive website is available in four languages, reaching an audience that spans 40 different countries. The contents, regarding events or special collections, are localized individually for each country.

Because the story of a brand needs a unique, elegant touch that entices you to discover its collections.

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