Fini and Bitmama tell a new love story in the kitchen

A Bit of Mass Market

A challenge to tradition

Filled pasta cooked directly in the frying pan? It is a quick dish, ideal for the summer, when the heat discourages from using the stove.
And yet, how can you explain this to Italians, so fond of dropping their pasta – of any kind – into “plenty of boiling water”?

When Fini challenged us to promote a way of cooking that is clearly in contrast with our culinary traditions, we replied with an equally unusual creative idea, far from the paths and codes typical of this field.

Love in Stop Motion

A stop motion video to narrate the love story between a tortellino and a pan. Unusual characters, but the narrative ingredients are classics: just like Romeo and Juliet, the loved-up characters will have to deal with traditions, represented by a menacing, jealous pot. Will they manage to fulfill their love dream?

The idea of digital branded content, which relies on storytelling and the codes of movie teasers, was conceived with a double aim: creating a memorable association between tortellini and frying pans in the public imagination, and leading them to discover the video-recipes created ad hoc by the food-blogger Giorgia Di Sabatino.

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