A digital suit signed by Bitmama

#trussardibrera: fashion show in an art gallery.

F/W 2016-17 Trussardi man is revealed on Tumblr. The greyhound brand chose Bitmama for strategic and creative advice and the implementation of the project, together with supervision of the photo shoots and the upload of images and videos during the night of the presentation.

Trussardi dresses music

The new partnership between fashion and the digital ecosystem was celebrated on December 18 at Brera Art Gallery, pantheon of the figurative arts.
The occasion was the presentation of the fall/winter 2016/17 men’s collection. Trussardi’s men draw inspiration from buskers and from the deeply-felt intimacy of their performance. An intimacy that becomes almost sacred, when it is set alongside the paintings in the art gallery.
Gaia Trussardi brings this idea to life, creating a show where fashion, arts and music merge harmoniously. No models on the catwalk, only musicians, personally selected by the designer and engaged in a live performance that continues throughout the whole presentation.

Bitmama “dresses” Trussardi

Trussardi’s eclectic approach meets the experience gained by Bitmama in the world of fashion. The request: a digital platform, able to host the multimedia contents of the presentation held on January 18 in collaboration with Brera Art Gallery. A social networking space that conveys the full impact of the event’s emotional and creative flow.
The description perfectly matches Tumblr, the microblogging and social networking site, where we have created,, a tumblelog which hosts the manifold contents connected to the presentation: images, texts, quotations, videos with the artists’ performances, live posts from users, and visuals, created to represent the collection’s “confusedly intelligent” inspiration.

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