Tic Tac Gum


From the advertgame to the integrated campaign

In 2017 Ferrero launched Tic Tac Gum with the TV campaign "Gioca a modo tuo” (“Play your way”) which starred some young people intent on playing on a Tic Tac pinball machine, and entrusted Bitmama with the task of bringing the launch to the digital channels.

All channels engagement

Bitmama has thus guided and coordinated an operation of integrated engagement on all touchpoints, digital and otherwise. The heart of the operation was the pinball machine turned into a digital advertgame. An online game, but also a contest with instant win and a final prize draw. To engage users we created a communication campaign that touched all the channels, from Facebook to the radio, through Spotify, from the point of sale to the ADV display on the portals most followed by the target.

The communication strategy

The communication strategy (social and ADV display) was designed to engage Millennials in an effective and targeted way, working on their interests and their digital habits with a targeted choice of channels and micro-moments (leisure on Facebook, waiting for upload on We Transfer, listening to music on Spotify, online gaming within a gaming app on the smartphone) and a message customization work focused on different sub-targets. The point of sale was also connected to the digital experience: by framing the Shazam logo on the Tic Tac Gum exhibitor with their smartphone, users had the opportunity to immediately access the game and try to win prizes.


Facebook Reach: 2.2 million
260 000 visits (vs 144 000 estimated)
94 000 games played
27 000 contest subscribers

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