Mini web-series that narrates the meeting between two generations

Tradition becomes increasingly digital

Talking about traditional values on social media, with entertainment content. A difficult challenge that Bitmama has accepted together with Le Conserve della Nonna (the Fini Group brand whose communication has been followed by Bitmama for years), with the aim of raising awareness of the brand values and activating the conversation between users and the brand.This gave life to the idea of a mini web-series starring grandmother Adele and her grandson Andrea: a branded content that narrates the meeting between two generations in a fun way that is also genuine and real, with the native language of Facebook.

The ingredients for a web-series pills

Andrea helps Adele to juggle with a smartphone and takes her into his world for a bit, while Adele teaches him grandma tricks and tips. The result: video pills that show moments of understanding and sharing between the two protagonists, together with some simple grandma tips and tricks that not everyone knows ... And the products? The Conserve della Nonna jars are part of the story, in a natural way, just as they are a part of people's lives.

One story, many contents

The adventures of Andrea and Adele have given life to different formats, designed to respond to different communication objectives and campaign moments: five main episodes, four pills in which Adele and Andrea challenge each other to answer a "home economics" question and different photographic formats designed to engage users in the conversation (inviting them to share their experiences on the theme of "at grandma’s house") and provide insights into cooking (on aromatic herbs and how to use them in the kitchen). To close the circle, a landing page on the Fini Group website, Non Solo Buono, which collects all the episodes of SOS Grandmother and tells the values of the brand.


The campaign has performed well in terms of views, shares and comments. More than 900.000 views, more than 42.000 interactions, with a CPC of 0,02€. But it is above all the quality of the comments that confirms the success of the operation: users have shared their stories, tagged other friends and proved to have become attached to our two characters. Mission accomplished!

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