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The Acqua Sant’Anna story is a nice one. An all-Italian brand that, in a few years, has managed to reach the top of the bottled water market, defeating the competition from fierce international brands. First place in Italy, top 5 in Europe.

Having attained national leadership in the water market, Sant’Anna has widened its horizons, investing in an added dimension, beverages, with new product references: SanThé Sant’Anna (iced tea) and SanFruit Sant’Anna (fruit nectars).

Lightness, Purity, Innovation

Today, Bitmama has the privilege to keep telling this story, in its role as strategic, creative and technological partner, taking Sant’Anna into a new brand digital experience. At the core of the strategy, we will put the brand’s fundamental values: lightness, purity and innovation, as testified by the Sant’Anna Bio Bottle, the first fully-compostable plant-based bottle.

We will be engaged in the digital communication of the whole product range, restyling the platform, creating contents and elaborating the digital experience for users. A mission that has already begun on Facebook and Twitter, and that will soon expand with the opening of an Instagram channel.

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