More Nutella, more enthusiasm

For the second year Bitmama is the author of the social content of Nutella B-ready.

Bitmama continues their journey alongside the Nutella brand with the digital communication campaign of the new Nutella B-ready. The new year starts with a novelty to be announced in September 2017: a new filling, richer in Nutella, which translates into renewed enthusiasm by the testimonial and all the fans of the brand.
The campaign begins with two videos that narrate the testimonial's reaction to the discovery and to the tasting of the new filling. The language, in continuity with the strategy of the past year, is the native language of social media: short and ironic videos, far from the tone and the more classic style of the TV campaign, which bring out the exuberant and fun side of Luca Argentero.

Three bites of Nutella B-ready to activate the enthusiasm

But the journey does not stop here: this year too, the creation of the two campaign hero content was designed to also give life to many other contents (photos, gifs and video pills) that continue the positioning of the product as a supporter of the morning and "enthusiasm activator" in every situation. Whether it is to face a Monday morning or to prepare for an important meeting, an appointment or a job interview, Nutella B-ready is always on our side, ready to give us advice but also to make us smile, taking on life with lightheartedness and optimism.


The contents reached 10 million people, with over 12,000 likes and 254.000 interactions. mission accomplished this year too!

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