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A Bit of Mass Market

#nonsolobuono on Instagram

Non Solo Buono (Fini Group) continues its journey through tasty cooking to conquer new digital territories: after the website and Facebook page, it is now taking to the world of Instagram.
What better channel for a publishing adventure dedicated to food in all its expressions and implications?

Non Solo Buono is a philosophy, where food is not simply what we cook or have on our plate. Food is love for the earth, local identity, a network of relationships, culture, seasonality, wholesomeness. It is a pleasure that can bring about changes, tradition and experimentation all together.​

The story of food

A thousand nuances, which will be portrayed through the social networking space that we launched for the FINI Gusto&Benessere campaign and blogger tour.

The channel was inaugurated with a mosaic of pictures dedicated to the #nonsolobuono philosophy: the beauty of food lies in preparing and serving it, seeing and sharing it, photographing and narrating it.

And the story goes on: to be revealed in the result of our efforts and the work of our photographers, but above all food bloggers and Instagrammers, as they become more and more involved in the challenge to take Non Solo Buono’s quality onto a social network where the level of competition is extremely high.


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