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It was one of the most impressive mergers of the season. Sorin, a world leader in heart surgery, and Cyberonics, a medical company specialized in neuromodulation, joined forces in a new global project: LivaNova. A company that was born big, with over 4,500 employees and a revenue of 1.3 billion dollars.

“New life”

A merger draws together different kinds of expertise but, most of all, it’s the harmonization of different souls. A delicate, complex process. Starting from the choice of the new company name, after months of proposals and reflection. “LivaNova” matches the English “to live” with the Latin “novus”: a new living, which clearly evokes its mission for innovative technological solutions to make people’s lives longer and better.

Building the change

Following a merger project of this magnitude first-hand is an exciting adventure.
Bitmama dealt with all the problems of this passage to the new digital dimension: the creation of the new website, with the delicate management of the original strategic assets, but most of all, the search for an agreement on the communication choices between two different company cultures.

New Brand Identity

The new digital brand identity was created in collaboration with Interbrand, as Bitmama contributed its creative touch in the choice of the images and its user experience of each page in the overall architecture of the new website.

Partnership with TamTamy Reply

The strategic choice to use the TamTamy CMS meets the need for a flexible, quick tool, even in complex company scenarios, where the sharing of internal knowledge goes together with the demand for punctual communications towards stakeholders and financial markets.
In fact, LivaNova shares are traded on Nasdaq and on the London Stock Exchange. Trading started on October 19, 2015, at 9.30; the new website went online at the same time.

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