Everybody has a story

A story of people.​​

Lancia Ypsilon turns 30. Since 1985, it has given voice to tastes, needs, trends and styles. Often ahead of its time.
It has evolved, but always with a continuity to its image.​​
It has flirted with cinema, and made jokes with the clic​hé of being a car “for women”.
But 30% of its users are men, who appreciate its style.
A success story, but above all a story of people: those who have driven and loved it.
This is where we started from, to celebrate Ypsilon’s birthday.​

Ypsilon Memories

Let’s start. Wannabe writers: get writing! Users are invited to publish a short post with an Ypsilon-related memory. In the first few days, almost 3.000 fans entrust their thoughts to a digital card to share on the Ypsilon Memories wall. Every day, the game offers a 100-euro voucher as a prize to spend at the bookshops of Feltrinelli, who are partnering the initiative.

Online Contest

While the memory cards are pouring in, the literary contest starts. And we find out that the web is full of aspiring writers.
They say that Italians don’t read much. This may be so. But what is sure is that there is no lack of desire and eagerness to put stories, thoughts, inventions and dialogues on paper. In fact, in little more than a month, the number of Ypsilon tellers who upload their story on the site goes up to almost 2.000.

TV Format & E-Book​​​

The jury of experts from the Feltrinelli Group have their work cut out. The goal is to select 10 finalists, evaluating the literary quality of their stories and the TV potential of their characters. These then become the 10 main characters of a TV format on two channels (laeffe and Fine Living) and of an e-book published by Feltrinelli. The production of the TV format and e-book start at the same time.

The Book​

Among the 10 greats, there can only be one winner. Her name is Giorgia Garberoglio, from Turin. Her short story Amalia, a double portrait of women from two generations, becomes a debut novel, published as a paper book and distributed in laFeltrinelli bookshops.
Along with the concept and strategy that gave life to the project, Bitmama also created the launch video and supporting banner campaign, taking care of guerrilla marketing operations on the ground and developing the responsive online platform.


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