The secret of style

Balance of factors.​​

When we talk about Lancia Ypsilon, one element is central to the narration: elegance.
While designing the digital strategy for “New Ypsilon Restyling Operation” we worked to match it with other precious ingredients.
The final result? The exact formula for style.

Get ready to discover…

Form is important. Content is essential. Attention to detail makes all the difference.
Once we had defined the concept, we chose to convey it directly with a teaser video on the home page of the Lancia portal. Alongside the video player, a countdown took users towards the crucial date of the double revelation: the restyling of New Ypsilon and of its dedicated website.

… the formula for style

OK, shape, content, details. But what is the secret of Ypsilon’s style?
A balance of shape, content, innovation and elegance. Values connected to the new features that await discovery in New Ypsilon: the new interiors and 5” touch screen with UConnect system, the fresh colors, the honeycomb design of the front grille, the color-matched rear bumper, the “Y Design” wheel rims. So many factors, perfectly balanced to create something unique.

Digital brochure. Elegance changes its format​​​

Equally unique is the traditional catalogue which, for the first time, has been designed for mobile devices.
Users can scan the QRcode on the leaflet with their smartphones to access the online catalogue, browse it and interactively explore the Ypsilon world, from news to user’s manuals, merchandising, guarantees and maintenance plans.​

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