Lunch Break Enemies

A web series to face lunch break in the office

Lunch break at the times of Social Networks

Viva la Mamma Beretta is one of the most popular Italian brands of ready meals. Thanks to the synergy with Bitmama, it created its clear and defined voice on social media, a voice which is cheerful and ironic, always looking on the bright side of life.
In 2018, the brand launched its versatile products – from tramezzini sandwiches to hot and ready meals for the oven – in order to occupy, with its Viva la Mamma, a very important moment in the working day: lunch break.

A brand which solves any lunch break hitch

Lunch break is a very sacred moment for everyone, especially for workers. But how can Viva la Mamma enter people’s on and offline life and entertain them? It’s easy! Thanks to a campaign based on a web series with a unique taste.
In “I Nemici della pausa pranzo” (Lunch Break Enemies) we bump into four colleagues in an office – from Mr. Perfect obsessed with his desk to the clumsy newly hired – struggling with funny hitches and planning tricks to save their lunch break. Five short episodes made of hilarious gags and unexpected solutions share a common element: Viva la Mamma products, a different way to show the values and features of the brand.

Well done contents

Along with the episodes, “I Nemici della Pausa Pranzo” has been a multi-channel campaign for media amplification: a landing page which shows Viva la Mamma and its several protagonists; pre-roll contents for YouTube; a Google Search campaign and a creative banner display. Icing on the cake? Instagram stories and Facebook memes, two ideal formats to engage users in a funny and interactive way.

The results

Online from September to December 2018, the campaign reached outstanding results: over 7 millions views, more than a hundred thousand interactions and almost 11 millions impressions on all platforms. This helped Viva la Mamma conquer lunch break in terms of visibility and conversations.

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