Fresh pasta evolves and communicates with Bitmama

A Bit of Mass Market

Gusto&Benessere Campaign

New products for Fini’s Gusto&Benessere line: three varieties of fresh pasta in keeping with the culinary traditions of the Emilia region, but updated with the principles of modern nutritional science.

This philosophy was the inspiration for the concept of our launch campaign: “Evolution is the real innovation”, which we conveyed on all digital media. Tradition is renewed and kept alive if it evolves, and that includes its communications.

A story of evolution

The publishing project started on Facebook, with a campaign of sponsored posts, in which stuffed pasta gives a knowing wink towards the world of technology and social networks: ravioli synchronized with metabolism, and tortelloni pleased with a “state of wellbeing”.

Together with this, a digital PR plan involved bloggers and Instagrammers, who were invited to tell their “story of evolution” on (Fini Group’s online magazine) and to discover the story of fresh pasta with a tour through the heart of Emilia. In synergy with these two initiatives, native advertising articles and dark posts on Facebook completed the digital strategy.​​


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