SNAM wins Webranking

Bitmama and Snam celebrate European Webranking Award

A Bit of Mass Market

Snam, best company for digital communication also in Europe

A few months after winning first place in Webranking Italy, Snam climbs on a higher step even in the European ranking, for being the best company for corporate online communication among 500 major mainland companies.

Webranking research by Comprend Europe measures the transparency and completeness of digital contents made available to users, their usability and the ability of the companies to understand and meet the expectations of its stakeholders information.

Experience Design

Snam has worked with Bitmama to further improve their performance in digital communication and to satisfy, with dynamism and new communication formats, the information needs of its stakeholders, especially in light of the significant growth undertaken by the Company. Great attention was paid in particular in experience design, favoring simplicity and accessibility from mobile devices.

The further recognition rewards the common efforts in constant research for a transparent approach, through distinctive and contents of interest, as well as accessible by web responsive infrastructure, dynamic and integrated with leading social networks.

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